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Texas DWI laws (know your rights) by T.Grimsley

In the State of texas Your if you are charged with a DWI your license will usually be suspended at the time of arrest. If you appeal this suspension in 15 days you can get your license back until your hearing date. At the hearing should request permission to get an occupational driving certificate. You can use this to get back and forth to work. You may also win your appeal and be able to get your license back, but this is rare. It is a good idea to retain an attorney to represent you in DWI cases. Most people do not realize the serious nature of a DWI charge on your record. A DWI will cost you upfront in fines and suspensions but also down the road for several years through points on your license. These points will be used by insurance companies to increase your premiums. Over time you will most likely incur more expense at the hands of your insurance company than you did with the fines. By hiring a lawyer to represent you there is a chance to get the charges lessened to avoid the points on your license. your attorney may also decide to request a trial if it appears that your rights may have been violated. If your rights are found to have been violated then the charges will almost always be dropped. DWI is a serious crime and because of the amount of people caught each each year courts are continually becoming stricter on these crimes. No one should ever drive drunk but if do make the wrong choice you should know your rights.

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