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Free Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords List by shareef

Remember always top paying targeted keywords is the key for your success Many people earning from their websites/blogs through google adsense but some of them did not earn much because they optimize low paying keywords in their websites/blogs.Although every one want to earn money more and more from their websites,if they don't target the keywords which pay's them high how can their earn more. The major role for every successful ppc campaign is top paying targeted keywords .

So if you serious to earn more money by google adsense here is a sucessful key i am going to provide you to some of free top paying google adsense keywords list:

Top paying google adsense keywords for mortgages:

2nd mortgage loans $41.66 refinance second mortgages $41.40 best refinance mortgage rate $48.31 refinancing mortgage loans $48.06 fixed rate second mortgages $50.07

Top paying google adsense keywords for insurance:

free auto insurance quote $53.69 auto insurance specialist $49.63 inexpensive auto insurance $42.54 car insurance quotes $39.74 compare auto insurance $39.09

Top paying google adsense keywords for medical:

mesothelioma treatment options $64.84 cancer caused by asbestos $47.48 mesothelioma $52.85 mesothelioma lawyer $47.65 mesothelioma attorneys $52.19 mesothelioma diagnosis $45.22 mesothelioma research $50.08 mesothelioma peritoneum $66.52 mesothelioma death $69.13 cure for mesothelioma $68.34 asbestos cancer $43.79

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