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How to Hire Austin DWI Attorney? What are Austin DWI Laws by Purva Mewar

Fist things first. Getting caught under Austin DWI i.e. Driving While Intoxicated in Austin or Texas State can have life altering consequences. There are many types of legal charges when it comes to driving. But the most dangerous of them all, DWI Austin can be the worst that you can charged with.

If you are arrested under Austin DWI charges, your immediate worry should be to hire an Austin DWI Attorney. A qualified, competent and experienced Austin DWI Attorney. Preferably an Austin DWI Attorney firm. A firm consists of a team of qualified people needed at various stages of the trial. You should also make sure that you hire a firm that exclusively deals in DWI cases & trial, that too in Austin, Texas. Such a firm will have better insight into the legal procedures and workings of the court. Since these Austin DWI attorneys are dealing with the judges all the time, they are better equipped to plan their move.

According to Austin DWI Laws, DWI is a criminal offense. DWI Austin charges carry administrative penalties. According to Austin DWI Law if your breath, blood and urine tests show alcohol content of more than 0.08% then you will be arrested under Austin DWI laws. Its a class-B misdemeanor. Having alcohol or drug or any type of controlled substance in body that results into loss of normal use of mental or physical faculties is considered intoxication. Intoxication does not limit to alcohol alone.

The minimum jail time as per Austin DWI Laws in 72 hours. But if you were caught with an open container of alcohol in the vehicle that you were driving your jail time can go upt o 6 days. Apart from jail time, as per Austin DWI Laws your driving license can also be suspended for 90 days to one year. Even if the person charged with DWI Austin is not convicted, the positive results of breath, blood and urine are enough reasons for his/her driving license suspension.

Besides the above, as per Austin DWI Laws, for a person arrested under DWI charges it is mandatory to attend educational programs related to drunk driving. If he/she fails to do it within the time frame prescribed, it can result into losing driving license. A subsequent DWI conviction results in driver's license suspension for another 18 months. To get the license back after completing the suspension period, the person must pay $100. Your driver's license can also be suspended if you refuse to take the Road-Side tests suggested by officer. Apart from this your insurance cost will also go up.

How can Hiring an Austin DWI Attorney help? Well, he knows the law, he knows the rules and he knows the way out. He can challenge the way the test is performed. The machines on which the tests were done. The Austin DWI Attorney cam also challenge the qualification of the person operating these machine. He can take the blood and urine samples and get them tested in a private lab to verify the tests. Austin DWI Attorney can challenge the grounds on which police made the arrest. He can challenge the accuracy of the machine, timing of the tests and so on.

Austin DWI Attorney can help provided you hire the right person at the right time. If in the beginning without realizing the importance of the case you try to fight it yourself, there is a chance that you will complicate it and make it that much more difficult for your Attorney. So the timing is very important. Hiring the right Austin DWI Attorney means a qualified and experienced team Austin DWI Lawyers. Someone whose exclusive area of practice is DWI Austin.

You must understand that Austin DWI can result in loss of job also under some circumstances. Sometimes you are not allowed to visit other countries if you have such a police record. Your mobility is restricted anyway by your driver's License being suspended. All this coming together can be very torturous. Best is not to drive drunk. Next if you do and are caught look for a lawyer so that the outocme can be the best taht it can be.

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