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Tips On Finding The Highest-Paying Keywords by Seth Willis Jr.

Your AdSense dollars are always wisely spent when you invest in and track your highest-paying keywords. Although you may not realize it, there are hundreds of keywords that are often overlooked simply because they're so simple! The top subjects today include technology and Web-related information, health and wellness, food, dieting, movies and gossip, university degrees online, point of sale software, and even some politics. You know that driving traffic to your Website and advertising boxes itself is what will make your AdSense program work. When your customers are finally at your site, you'll want to make the most of the keywords that you've chosen!

The easiest way to assess the popularity of a particular word or subject is to run it through one of Google's or Yahoo!'s free keyword selector tools. Simply type your keyword into the box, and it will generate this month's advertising value. The first step to finding the highest-paying keywords is to run searches and track what you find. Some current examples of the highest-paying keywords from Google Adwords are as follows:

$74.16 Austin DWI $69.98 school loan consolidation $69.98 college loan consolidation $67.15 car insurance quotes $67.08 auto insurance quotes $64.33 college consolidation $62.70 Massachusetts auto insurance quotes $62.70 life ins quotes $62.11 Allstate insurance quote $61.12 California DUI lawyers

The Google Adwords tool was released in early 2006 and is your best resource for finding the top matches. Just type the information into the Keyword Variations phrase-per-line box, and ask it to 'Get More Keywords.' You can choose to return results on cost, negative keywords that could have an impact on your program, and even look at global search volume trends showing which month a particular set of keywords was most popular.

Yahoo!'s Keyword Selector Tool gives you suggestions on additional keywords based on what you initially specify. This can help you create new and evolving keywords based on what you know works and what doesn't. The site is a part of Yahoo!'s Overture, and lists and ranks the keywords based on popularity. It will show you the important data you need about the number of searches done for a particular keyword or set of keywords for the current month. It's easy to compare and contrast other related searches from one simple request!

Finding the highest-paying keywords is easy with the tools and resources available for free online today! Don't waste your time buying keyword lists from companies that are selling their "secrets." They've simply run searches and are giving you a report of their results. Keyword results change daily, so find the ones that suit your site, track and maintain a record of the value of those words, and start running them through the tools to give you the best and most current information you need to make your AdSense program a success!

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